About the Wellness iNPracticeTM Network

Here for you: The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network is a free, centralized online destination dedicated to supporting your multi-dimensional role as a Nurse Practitioner by offering a range of clinical information and educational resources on various diseases and disorders.

Your Role: As a Nurse Practitioner, you play a vital role in meeting the demands for primary care and improving the health and well-being of your patients. As a multi-faceted healthcare provider, you function in a variety of capacities, including as a diagnostician, prescriber, advocate, counselor, and educator. Your holistic approach to patient care—with an emphasis on prevention, wellness, and overall health—has a positive impact on patient satisfaction and patient outcomes while helping to moderate the rising costs of health care.1

Our Commitment: At the Wellness iNPracticeTM Network, we recognize that Nurse Practitioners fill a number of important roles and that these roles are not only demanding, but expanding. Here, we offer you clinical support through a wealth of disease-specific information, educational resources, and patient tools to enhance disease expertise and complement patient care. All resources are uniquely tailored for the Nurse Practitioner and have relevant applications in the clinical care setting.

Growing Together: Today, Nurse Practitioners have free and direct access to Wellness iNPracticeTM Diabetes —our extensive network on diabetes management that offers everything from summaries of current treatment guidelines to patient educational and self-management tools.


Tomorrow: New disease-specific networks will be launched continuously and our range of resources is always evolving. Stay connected and check back regularly to access the latest in clinical practice support tailored exclusively for you—the Nurse Practitioner.



1. American Association of Nurse Practitioners. What’s an NP?  Available at: https://www.aanp.org/all-about-nps/what-is-an-np. Accessed December 9, 2015.