The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network: a centralized resource for learning

A shared commitment: Wellness iNPracticeTM Network recognizes the contributions of the Nurse Practitioner and has a shared commitment in prevention, wellness, and education to improve the overall health of patients.

A single destination: With the growing demands of clinical care, time is precious for the busy Nurse Practitioner. The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network—developed with the needs of the Nurse Practitioner in mind—is the single online destination for comprehensive disease-specific information, education, management, and support.

Putting care right at your fingertips: The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network is organized around 4 cornerstones of care to deliver 360 degrees of support on a growing number of diseases and disorders. For each specific disease area, the Nurse Practitioner can LEARN about key clinical data, guidelines, and new treatment options; APPLY clinical tools to everyday patient care; and TEACH patients and caregivers about disease impact, treatment benefits, and side effects, as well as important lifestyle modifications. The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network also offers ways to make an IMPACT by helping you connect with peers in your community to share insights and experiences to enhance patient care.

Register today and stay connected: Registration is free. Today, you can access a comprehensive range of resources located on Wellness iNPracticeTM Diabetes.
This centralized network brings the clinical world of diabetes—from current treatment guidelines to patient educational handouts—right to your keyboard. The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network is continually evolving, with information on other diseases and disorders coming soon.

As a registered member, you will be notified as new networks on other diseases and disorders are added to our Wellness iNPracticeTM Network.

A Click Away From Care: The Wellness iNPracticeTM Network is your destination for disease-specific clinical information and educational resources—from peer-to-peer webinars to downloadable patient tools—providing the Nurse Practitioner with a centralized resource to support patient care.